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I don't know what to put here...

except Chaves you owe me $5

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I live loud like TIMMAY!

oh, and I play bass. and chew gum. I play bass AND chew gum at the same time. Talented no?

I am also the personal love slave to Chopek, Chaves, Scotty, and John

Oh and all this *points to community and superpals* IS NOT REAL! I am not really Dela, so if you IM me or comment thinking I am Dela, then you are stupid and need help...mmmkay? :D
bass, bubble gum, bubblicious bubblegum, bus, chaves, cheese, chopek, chopek's mom, drums, fros, glasses, guitars, hanging with da boys, john mayer, living loud like timmay, making special cookies, milk chugging, scotty crowe, scotty's mom, stealing chopek's wig, touring, your mom, your sister